Programs, Testing and Questions

Why are there membership fees for Dr. Kahn’s established patients? What if I am a new patient to Dr. Kahn’s center? What are the fees for a new patient?

There is no doubt that the standard 10-15 minute visit with limited testing that is standard practice is NOT enough for a disease as serious as heart disease. The Kahn Center offers an advanced level of care and access that is beyond what insurers dictate and the fee reflects that.

Established patients of Dr. Kahn seen over the last 25 years have received a pricing program for yearly continuing care. If you are an established patient of Dr. Kahn and have not received the pricing program, please send an email to and one will be sent.

If you are a new patient to Dr. Kahn, the initial appointment will last an hour and is $500, with any follow up appointments $250 and usually lasting 30 minutes.  No patient will be turned away and questions can be sent to   Many new patients to the center will be suitable for the annual program “Clogged to Clean” once their initial examination and testing is completed.

Dr. Kahn is known for the early detection of heart disease and is one of the country’s experts on this huge problem and opportunity.  Dr. Kahn is offering “The Ultimate Heart Check Up” consisting of 2 visits (the second one can be virtual) along with a Carotid Intimal Medial Thickness (CIMT) exam and an EndoPat artery function exam. The package is $999 and a unique program across the entire U.S. offered only Dr. Kahn.

What are the tests and their costs at the Kahn Center?

The Kahn Center is proud to offer the most advanced testing of vascular age, nutrition, and stress balance in the state. They can be incorporated into a pricing package for initial visits like the Ultimate Heart Check Up, they are part of the Clogged to Clean annual surveillance program for vascular health, and are available also ala carte.  The testing and pricing includes:

  1. CIMT (Carotid Intimal Medial Thickness) ultrasound $250.  This examination uses safe ultrasound on the neck with advanced computer analysis to identify 1) plaque as a sign of sick arteries or 2) earlier thickening of the walls of the arteries to the brain.  This examination has been used in hundreds of research studies published in the finest journals and allows repeated examinations to determine if “vascular aging” is progressing or responding. It can be done 1-3 times a year to follow the progress of treatment programs.
  2. EndoPAT (Endothelial function artery health) $225. If you laid out the lining of arteries that cover your 50,000 miles of arteries they individual cells called endothelium would cover 5-6 tennis courts. The health of those cells, and their ability to make nitric oxide, is key to heart attack and stroke prevention and blood pressure control.  The EndoPAT is an approved device backed by hundreds of research studies that is done at the Kahn Center to determine baseline artery health and repeated measurements over time and changes in lifestyle and therapy. You should be fasting, coffee free, and without nail acrylics on your fingers.
  3. Advanced labs from Cleveland Heart Labs, Spectracell and others

Do I still have to have health insurance?

You must carry insurance to cover other medical services. The Kahn Center fees are for the personalized services and enhanced access offered in the program.

Does my insurance cover any part of the membership fee?

Insurance does not cover any part of the Kahn Center fees. The fees are paid out of pocket by patients who want to be part of a smaller, more personalized medical service. For patients not covered by Medicare, a superbill may be submitted to your insurer but no guarantees can be made.

I have Medicare can I still join?

Yes you can but no part of the Center fees can be submitted to Medicare for reimbursement.

Do I have to pay a co-pay for the medical services received?

You do not pay a co-pay or deductible for office visits. However, all bloodwork is billed to private insurance and any necessary deductibles or co-pays would apply for those examinations.

Are other physicians offering this service?

This cardiovascular prevention practice is the first of its kind in Michigan and the Midwest.

Are there additional fees associated with the program?

The fee covers all outpatient visits with no additional co pays or deductibles.   Laboratory studies will be billed through your insurance plan as is routine. Advanced cardiac testing can be purchased on an ala carte basis in Option 1 and is included in Option 2.

What happens if I have an emergency requiring hospitalization?

As always, you must go to the nearest hospital if you are ill. I will serve as a consultant to your care in the hospital setting whether in Detroit or out of town in person, by phone or by teleconferencing. I ask that you notify the Center if you are hospitalized. I will work with hospital physicians that I select to ensure you are taken care of and to help coordinate your cardiac care at the highest level of expertise.

Why don’t more physicians do this?

More physicians will begin offering this kind of service as patient and physician dissatisfaction grows. I am grateful to you, my patients and friends, for supporting me, and to my family and colleagues who have mentored me and encouraged this concept.